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A Myriad of Emotions:

by Nubia Kristos 


"BROKEN MIRROR" a one-man show written and performed by the exceptional talent Luther D. Isler, or as he is known on stage, The Artist Anubis, is a profound theatrical experience. This performance is a blend of poetry, drama, and humor, all delivered through a passionate and engaging spoken word format. From the very first moment, the audience is drawn into Anubis’ world, experiencing a whirlwind of emotions that leave a lasting impression.


Anubis takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, delivering stories filled with sobering drama and moments of intriguing comedy. His ability to switch between intense dramatic sequences and light-hearted, punchline-filled moments showcases his versatility as a performer. The stories he tells are not just his own but echo universal themes of struggle and victory, making them relatable to everyone in the audience.​

Anubis' mastery of rhyme and rhythm transforms his words into powerful narratives that resonate with the audience on multiple levels. The passion and intensity that Anubis brings to his performance are palpable. 


"BROKEN MIRROR" is more than just a performance; it's an invitation to reflect on one's own life. As Anubis shares his journey of overcoming past tragedies and striving for success, he simultaneously uplifts the audience, encouraging them to find strength and hope within their own lives. This duality of self-reflection and inspiration is one of the play's strongest elements.


The audience's reaction to "BROKEN MIRROR" was nothing short of enthusiastic. The show was sold out, and the positive energy in the room was evident. As the performance concluded, the audience erupted into a lively standing ovation, a testament to the impact of Anubis's powerful storytelling and magnetic stage presence. Great reviews have poured in, praising both the content of the play and the remarkable talent of Luther "The Artist Anubis" D. Isler.

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