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The Artist Anubis is a spoken word artist, cultural curator, and community cultivator: telling personal yet universal stories through poetry, hip hop, and theatre. He has been writing, performing, teaching, and advocating for youth and community all his life. Anubis founded The Harlem Bomb Shelter: Spoken Word Open Mic & Showcase which provides a stage for amateur and award-winning poets and performers alike, as well as a place for people to express their human experience, thoughts, and discontent with current social events. Not satisfied with merely creating a space to communicate our joys through our struggles; by day, The Artist Anubis is mild-mannered Luther D. Isler, a communications coordinator for a New York state legislator, using his words to create a greater reality. He will change the world through empowerment with words -- and encourage his daughters to achieve even greater.

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Anu collection in celebration of the nu poetry anthology "My People Burn and Other Visions" by The Artist Anubis.