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"MY PEOPLE BURN and Other Visions" (paperback)

"MY PEOPLE BURN and Other Visions" (paperback)

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As the world grows, it grows smaller. Six degrees of separation has become six feet of connection. We've witnessed the world united in outrage against global systemic oppression. We've seen twenty-twenty visions of where we are, who we've become, and who we want to be.


My People Burn and Other Visions is a poetic voyage through the lens of a Black man, father, divorcee, lover, friend, and hope of his ancestors - telling human stories of joy, love, hurt, and the destiny that burns in every human's heart.


The Artist Anubis illustrates his trial by fire through the Black experience in America, raising a child with kidney failure, battling deserts sands of depression and separation, finding love in its many forms, diving into the heat of romance, and floating on the steam of sensual expressions – presented in a mirror where you will find pieces of yourself.


May it kindle the passion burning in your eyes.

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